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How to peel cassava root quickly and conveniently?

Cassava, also known yuca or manioc. It is long brown root with hard skin and white flesh. The uses of cassava are very wide. Cassava can be used as food, and directly cooked into bread, biscuits and cakes, etc. It can also be used for industrial processing: starch extraction, cassava flour production and garri production.

how to peel cassava rootFresh cassava (also known yuca or manioc)

If you are cooking cassava at home by yourself. Unprocessed cassava skins are very hard and peeling cassava can be a challenge. In order to peel the cassava quickly and conveniently, you need to prepare a sharp and slender knife.

First you use the sharp and slender knife to cut off both ends of the cassava, and then cut the cassava into sections. Pick up a section of cassava and use your knife to cut the cassava skin until the knife touches the cassava pulp. Then use the knife to scrape one side of the cut gap, you will find that the cassava skin begins to fall off. Next, continue to scrape the cassava peel with knife while rotating the cassava, the cassava peel will be removed. The other cassava sections use the same method.

how to peel cassava rootSteps to peeled cassava

If you want to peel cassava in industrial processing, Henan Jinrui recommends you to use professional cassava peeling machine. Because the cassava peeling machine is highly automated and labor-saving, and has high peeling efficiency. In order to meet different processing needs, Henan Jinrui can provide you with two types of machines to peel cassava root.


Cassava peeling machine is widely used in garri production. Because the high degree of automation saves time and manpower , and it can greatly reduce the impurities in cassava and make the cassava easier to be processed. The function of thecassava peeling machineis to remove the outer skin and skin cutin of the cassava. The cassava peeling machine uses friction to peel cassava, and the peeling rate reaches more than 95%. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for cassava processing plants.

how to peel cassava rootHigh efficiency and automated cassava peeling machine


The paddle washing machine is widely used in starch extraction and cassava flour production. It has always been used as cassava washing machine. If you need, Henan Jinrui can increase the peeling function for you. After adding the peeling function, the paddle washing machine can not only wash the cassava but also peel the cassava. The paddle washing machine adopts the principle of countercurrent washing, which has a good washing effect and will not damage the cassava.

cassava washing machine桨洗衣机用于剥皮和衣服又堆g cassava

The above are two ways to peel cassava. Henan Jinrui can provide you with cassava peeling machines for industrial processing. If you need, please contact us.


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